Outreach / Evangelism

Missionary Of Naomi

In the local church FSPC there is a ministry which serves orphans and widows, called Missionary of Naomi. For 10 years, Missionary of Naomi has been serving local orphans and widows in North Port, Florida as well as in the countries of Guatemala and Ukraine. The mission helps with food, clothing, medication as well as financially to those in need.

Contact Sovinar Kaminskiy for more info.

Bethesda Mission

Bethesda Mission at First Slavic Pentecostal Church began its ministry in 2010. The ministry's service is related to preaching the gospel, as well as financial support. We help with construction of church buildings and financially assist orphans in India and Ukraine. Additionally, we provide clothing and good kits for the poor. We completed group missionary trips to Africa, India, Mexico, Nepal, Ukraine, Guatemala, Russia, and Cuba.

This service is done through the sacrifice and dedication of the brothers and sisters of the local Church, as well as those who care about the needs of others.

Contact Yakov Kulakevich for more info.