Media Team Ministry

At First Slavic Pentecostal Church the media ministries is fairly new. With the blessing of our church's administration and the Lord's guidance, this ministry began in 2017. At FSPC the media and production volunteers work with live audio, camera operations, visual productions, live-streaming, and other important tasks.

All ministries at FSPC rely on the media ministries. All images that are displayed are made by the FSPC volunteers for the benefit of our members. Social media is another aspect of media ministries.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and our Church Website, they're all managed and worked on a weekly basis. Being a part of the media group means you can get free training (on campus as well as off-campus), biannual parties, and to know that there is only a handful of people that can do what you do.

For more questions regarding the media team or you want to be a part of this wonderful exciting ministry, find the director and let's get started.

Media Director: Dmitriy Stsiborsky (941) 525-8862

"There are 2 things that can ruin a church service, Satan and a sound operator. Don't ruin the Service!"