Choir Ministry

Kid's Choir

Main Director: Anna Gubenya (941) 380-7430
Conductor: Natasha Tur (941) 914-1565


The group of the FSPC Children's Ministry is to offer weekly opportunities for faith development and enrichment through worship to God. Children's Choir gives children and opportunity to serve their church. By joining a choir, children are given a chance to minister to others through music, singing, and worshipping God.

Adult Choir

Main Choir Director: Pastor Vladimir Gubenya (941) 623-5340
Choir Directors: Vasiliy Varga (941) 456-6692
                             Siarhei Paliakov (941) 203-9612
                             Alex Manchik (253) 205-5710

Practices: Thursdays at 7:00 pm

The main goal of the Adult or Main Choir is lead FSPC Sunday Main Services through singing. Through this ministry every member of our choir is provided an opportunity to build key relationships that can last a lifetime.

Teen Bible School Choir

Practices: Tuesdays at 6:00 pm

This choir is based of Teen Bible School Students. The goal of Teen Choir is to be a transition from Kid's Choir to Youth Choir. They serve Slavic and elderly people in our community and study core or important topics of the Bible.

For more info, contact the Teen Bible Director Oleg Dyshenko (941) 249-1025

Youth Choir

Choir Director:  Irina Kazimirets (413) 535-9613

Practices: Monday's at 7 pm

The main goal of Youth Choir is to lead FSPC Youth Services. This is a life-changing experience to find a real calling from God. Also, most of the members are a part of the Mixed Choir.

Mixed Choir

Main Choir Director and Coordinator: Vladimir Gubenya (941) 623-5340


Irina Kharitonenko (941) 209-0964
Michael Savchuk (306) 449-9443

Practice: Tuesday's at 8 pm

The goal of FSPC Mixed Choir is to reach out to new people and unbelievers, to celebrate Christmas and Easter, and to have an altar call, prayer for healing, and people's needs.